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Pegasus Senior Living is made up of individual Associates united by a commitment and dedication to the highest quality of service delivery to our residents with a sense of warmth, compassion, individual pride and company spirit. To achieve our mission, each associate strives to always do the right thing. Recognizing that excellence is a process achieved through continuous improvement, we value and apply lessons learned from the feedback we receive from all of our stakeholders.

More specifically:

To our Associates, we pledge to

  • Promote a culture of excellence.
  • Provide strong leadership, team building and empowerment.
  • Encourage all associates to work hard and play hard every day.
  • Encourage professional and personal growth for all our Associates.

To our Residents, we pledge to

  • Celebrate and enhance their lives.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Always remember that choice and compassion are at the heart of our profession.

To our investors, we pledge to be great stewards of our resources.


Assumes primary responsibility for the personalized care services on a 24 hour/7-day week basis. Participates in service planning as well as renewal and maintenance of these plans. Recommends health care service goals and assists in their implementation. Works with the Executive Director to supervise, oversee and coordinate the work of Associates to meet Resident needs. Coordinates third party services to Residents, as needed.



  1. Adheres to and conveys philosophy of supporting dignity, privacy, independence, choice, individuality and a home-like environment for Residents.
  2. Plans, analyzes and evaluates needs of Residents and reports needs appropriately.
  3. Coordinates, in cooperation with the Executive Director and ancillary health care services for Residents.
  4. Adheres to all established policies and procedures.
  5. Responds to Resident or Associates’ concerns and refers them to the Executive Director when appropriate.
  6. Assists in maintaining good public relations.
  7. Monitors quality of work performance of Associates and reports to Executive Director.
  8. Assures infection control procedures are known/followed by staff.
  9. Participates in service plan conferences; maintains medication and treatment records for each Resident as required.
  10. Works closely with Associates and designated agent(s) to identify Resident problems/concerns/issues; follows up as needed and communicates same appropriately.
  11. Is on call according to pre-established schedule.
  12. Observes all work, safety and administrative rules.

Resident Personalized Care Services

  1. Coordinates evaluation of Residents’ needs and at significant change of condition.
  2. Works closely with the Executive Director to counsel the Resident and designated agent(s) meeting personal and related healthcare needs.
  3. Evaluates health emergencies and determines emergency medical measures taken regarding Resident care.
  4. Acts as Resident advocate in medical-social situations involving Resident and/or designated agents, physician, other agents or agencies.
  5. Coordinates administration of medications and treatments; observes results and documents same.
  6. Examines and gives first aid to Residents and staff, within scope of practice.
  7. Addresses physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs of Residents.
  8. Coordinates various health care “clinics” for Residents.
  9. Completes required forms to ensure continuity of care.
  10. Notifies physician and/or designated agent(s) of Resident change in condition.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  1. Reads Associates communications and maintains familiarity with other Resident records as required.
  2. Assists as directed with move-in and orientation of new Residents and designated agent(s).
  3. Assures proper records are maintained.

Associates Development

  1. Identifies Resident and Associates training needs.
  2. Trains and supervises Associates.
  3. Conducts training as assigned.
  4. Training and supervision of Associates to perform personalized care services.


  1. Willingness to adhere to assisted living principles in providing services.
  2. Ability/willingness to perform all position responsibilities adequately.
  3. Ability to demonstrate effective training skills.
  4. Ability to utilize and apply basic management principles.
  5. Ability to recognize and communicate problems effectively.
  6. Ability to relate to the public, Residents, families, staff, other professionals appropriately.
  7. Ability to communicate well, verbally and in writing.
  8. Ability to maintain accurate records.
  9. Adequate and clear English speaking and writing ability.
  10. Is free of non-treated communicable disease as required by state law.
  11. Ability to adhere to and communicate policy and procedures.
  12. Ability to work flexible hours to meet requirements of the job and to be on call.
  13. Ability/willingness to improve skills of self and staff; to be active professionally.
  14. Ability to perform assigned tasks in neat, thorough and timely manner.
  15. Maintains car in good working order and current auto insurance.
  16. Maintains appropriate and required license.
  17. Must be able to tolerate occasional exposure to pets, dust, fumes, odors, water, etc., as well as some noise.


Level of Experience - 
At least two (2) years of progressively responsible work experience in the senior living industry or related field.

Education, Technical or Professional License(s)/Certification(s) - 
Combination of education and/or experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university, with major work in related field. Rehabilitative and restorative experience helpful. If required by state law, maintain CPR/First Aid Certification.